Hi there! My name is Lynda. I live on a lifestyle block in Hamilton with my husband John, Memphis the cat and our two gorgeous Golden Retrievers.

Pictured with me is Jasper, my experienced model star, and Pippa, our latest family addition. Thanks to my son, Chris, for taking this shot. Pippa is almost 9 months old, and learning all she can from Jasper who is 8.5years old. Thankfully, he is a good example for her to follow, and she's pretty bright!

We'll keep my age a secret, but suffice to say it's old enough to have grown up children who have all flown the nest!

Animals have been a lifelong passion of mine, one which I shared with my father. He and I had some great times when I was a kid, riding borrowed horses and playing with other peoples dogs, until at 15, we (finally!) picked up an 8 week old Cocker Spaniel who we named Bess.

Since then, during my married life, John and I have had a few different breeds of dogs and several cats that 'just turn up'. Our home just wouldn't be the same without our furry or feathered friends.

My love of photography developed from a need to record our family life as it grew. I bought my first 'real' camera so I could take decent photos of my son playing rugby. Then I discovered how much I enjoyed having a camera in my hand, and how rewarding it is to capture 'the moment'! The dogs, over time, became much more patient models than my human family, and as a result I am delighted to have a collection of photos of our pets from the past that otherwise we wouldn't have.

I have studied through the New York Institute of Photography, and am always learning on this amazing journey.

Having loved all our family pets along the way, I can reflect on the special part that they each played in our family life. The bonds they had with each person, and of course their own unique personalities.

Everyone has 'the best dog in the world'. Absolutely correct! They all have a unique role to play in family life, with their special personalities building the strings that bond them to our hearts.

My job, through 'Heartstrings Photography' is to help you capture that personality and that bond, of those special family members. To ensure their memory, and their place in your heart, is preserved forever.

Thanks for reading 'About Me'. But it's not really about me……it's about you and your own furry friends.

I hope to meet you soon.


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