Health Care

Throughout the lives of our puppies, breeding stock and trained assistance dogs, regular veterinary health care is vital to their well being and longevity.

Every dog receives regular veterinary health examinations because we view the health and welfare of each dog as a high priority. This includes both physical and behavioural well-being

Dogs selected for our breeding programme are fully screened to reduce any chances of inheritable anomalies being passed to their progeny.

PennHip x-rays for Hip Dysplasia, x-rays for Elbow Dysplasia, DNA testing and Ophthalmic eye examinations are performed to reduce any risk of breed specific inherited conditions in our progeny.

Most of our veterinary and surgical needs are met by VetOra Waikato, VetCare Tauranga and Pet Doctors Howick who provide a high quality and professional service, and excellent care of our puppies and dogs.

Specialist orthopaedic and surgical services for more serious and complex cases is provided by a range of specialist veterinarians at the Veterinary Services Group (VSG) in Auckland .

Specific reproductive services including fertility evaluation, frozen semen and artificial insemination work is performed by MVS Glenbred in Matamata and ophthalmic examinations for inherited eye disease or abnormalities are supported by the Auckland Animal Eye Centre.

Assistance Dogs New Zealand would like to thank all our wonderful dedicated Veterinary providers for your discounted services and professional support of our puppies and dogs on the programme.