Gifted Puppy Programme

Join our "Gifted Puppy Programme"- Just $5 a Week is all it takes to help raise and train one of these amazing puppies!

This programme provides much needed support to meet the essential costs of our service relating to breeding, kenneling, socialising, assessing, training, matching, placement and follow-up.

Please help us to achieve our mission and provide this essential Assistance Dog service to people who need our help.

Each pup is living with a volunteer family, who have contributed their time, home area and courageously a number of household items (remote control, shoes, socks and other miscellaneous items) to the cause. As these pups move through their journey of socialising, learning and play we want you to be able to follow their progress and support us to train these dogs for disabled New Zealanders.

How to Join?

1. Complete the online registration form on this page.

2. Print, complete and post the "Gifted Puppy Programme" PDF.

Our Gifted Pups

We have some beautiful new puppies on our Puppy Development Programme and we will have some more photos, comments and names posted soon, so you can see the gifted pups you would be supporting and watching grow into qualified Assistance Dogs.

Potential Breeding Stock

We also have two dogs that we want to become breeding stock - Basil and Danny. We need help to fund the ongoing maintenance and breeding related costs for these dogs. Please have a read of the summaries below to get more information about these very important dogs.


Basil is a beautiful laid back character - gentle and quiet in temperament we hope that he will pass these very easy going genetics on to his offspring. Basil is a very good example of the 'gentle giant' as he plods his way through life. His co ordination is still developing and while he loves people and children he needs to continue to gain confidence about some things in his environment - like the slippery floor!Basil is being evaluated as a potential breeding dog for ADNZ. If he passes all the required health and temperament tests then we hope to place him on our breeding programme, where he will help foster future generations of Assistance Dogs.