Dog Training

Dog%20Training%20HeelADNZ have a very comprehensive training program. Only dogs that successfully achieve training standards and meet the temperamental analysis criteria are qualified as Assistance Dogs.

Training an Assistance Dog takes approximately six months, during which time the dogs receive assessment, basic obedience, social behaviour training, home behaviour training and specific task training. Each training session is recorded and each dog is evaluated continually throughout the training period. Training increases in intensity and difficulty according to the dog's individual temperament and learning pace.

Although there is an emphasis on training, the majority of time is spent in "down time" where each dog is able to relax, free run, play or interact with other dogs, family members or staff.

What our Assistance Dogs are trained to do?

ADNZ dogs are trained to be well behaved and capable of working in a variety of environments. They are taught to:

  • Behave well in social situaitons.
  • Behave well in the home environment.
  • Recall promptly to the handler.
  • Basic obedience tasks to assist with ease of handling.
  • Walk calmly on lead without excessive tension or distraction.
  • Toilet on Command.Puppy%20Dev%20Walk%20down%20footpath

They are trained tasks based on each clients specific needs, relative to the type of impairment. ADNZ dogs can be trained in the following areas:

  • Retrieve objects that are dropped.
  • Carry items as required.
  • Deposit items in a correct place.
  • Tugging objects to move or open an item.
  • Nose nudging, pawing and distraction tasks.
  • Bracing and balance assistance.
  • Holding position to secure client in a safe place.
  • Locating objectives.
  • Pressure contact to provide comfort in stressful or anxiety provoking situations.
  • Helping to locate a client who has wandered off.