Apply for an Assistance Dog

Assistance Dogs New Zealand (ADNZ) will consider any applicant with a disability.

How do I Apply?

Receiving the Application

The first step in applying for an Assistance Dog is to complete the Online Enquiry Form on the right of this page. An application package will then be sent to the applicant, who must complete all of the additional information required and return it to ADNZ. Once the initial application is accepted a medical clearance form will then need to be completed. This must be completed before the application can proceed. Please note that you can fill in the online enquiry form even if you just want to get some more information about getting an Assistance Dog, there is no obligation to follow through with the application.

Provisional Waiting List

Once the application package is complete and returned to ADNZ, we will then review the material to determine if the application is suitable to proceed. If suitable the applicant is then placed on a Provisional Waiting List.


An ADNZ staff member will make contact and arrange a convenient time to meet with the applicant and their family. The interview allows time to discuss the Assistance Dog service in more detail and to help both the applicant and ADNZ decide if receiving an Assistance Dog would be beneficial and appropriate for the applicant and their family.

It is important for us to gain a good appreciation of the environment in which the dog will live and work. This will help us to get a better understanding of the type of dog best suited to the applicant. Matching the right dog to the right client is critical.

Further Assessment

Often it is beneficial to arrange for an additional meeting to answer questions that have arisen since the first interview and to allow ADNZ staff an opportunity to gain further information about the clients specific needs and their disability.

Official Waiting List

Once the interview and assessment is complete, and all medical forms have been received the applicant is then placed on the ADNZ official waiting list to receive a dog.